Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Goals and Responsibilities of Youth Coaches

 Many coaches get caught up in the winning aspect of the game.  Don’t get me wrong, winning is great and fun - it's natural and healthy to desire and thrive on success! But youth coaches need to remember that their sole job as coach is not really to whip a winning team into shape-there can only be one winner after all and, as corny as the old saying goes, it is important to teach the message that 'It is the participation that counts'!  

  If you interview a child after a season that went 0-9 and a child that went 9-0 they may have similar feelings and passion about their love for the sport if their coach did a good job of teaching positive attitudes and passing o the simple joy of the sport.  

Coaches need to remember their goals and responsibilities, chiefly: 

1.    To teach the game (rules of the sport).

2.       To engage the children to like the game.

3.       Make sure that the kids have fun.

4.        Foster healthy competition and hard work…teach the message 'do your best'.

5.       Set kids up to do their best

6.       Teach sportsmanship, fair play and team spirit.

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